Easy EDSS Score

Discover an easy way to rate EDSS Score in MS


This app has been selected for presentation in ECTRIMS'2015 congress in Barcelona!


A simplified method to calculate EDSS score in multiple sclerosis

mockupEDSS score is usually considered as the gold standard for disability evaluation in MS patients in daily practice as well as clinical trials.
EDSS rating is highly variable between raters because of subjective ratings.
Moreover, several functional system scores (FSS) ratings can be considered as complex (such as visual or sensitive FSS), which can lead to rating mistakes.


Easy EDSS score allows the user to get an automated evaluation of EDSS score by simply describing clinical examination



Rate EDSS in a few simple steps


Discover the user interface in the screenshots below


  • Main menu

    Main menu

    Start by selecting the patient's ambulatory function
  • Rating ambulatory function

    Rating ambulatory function

    EDSS score can be quickly determined for patients with limitation of walking distance
  • Automated FSS calculation

    Automated FSS calculation

    Our automated FSS rating method allows a fast rating and reduces the risk of errors. Manual selection of FSS score is also possible in the bottom bar
  • Automated EDSS rating

    Automated EDSS rating

    All the FSS and the EDSS score are displayed in a clear summary table

Discover our automated method for easy FSS rating


You can see below classical definitions of the EDSS functional system scores.
Just pass over the images to discover the automated rating method included in the app!


Sensory Sensory


Cerebellar Cerebellar


Pyramidal Pyramidal


Brainstem Brainstem


Bowel and Bladder Bowel and Bladder

Bowel and Bladder

Visual Visual



Available on iPhone and iPad

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