Coma Scales

Scales for coma and TBI patients


Coma scales on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is widely used to assess patients presenting with coma and traumatic brain injuries.
Some scales are also useful for prediction of disability outcome


Coma Scales brings GCS, FOUR Score and disability rating scales on your smartphone and your Apple Watch


Coma Scales on iPhone and iPad


Main menu

Main menu

The main menu from which you can choose the scales you need to rate

Glasgow Coma ScaleGlasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale

Easy rate Glasgow Coma Scale. Get a clear and detailed result (pass over the image to see an example) You can choose between the adult or pediatric version of the score

FOUR ScoreFOUR Score

FOUR Score

FOUR Score can be used for a better assessment of intubated patients

Disability Rating ScaleDisability Rating Scale

Disability Rating Scale

DRS score can be used to determine disability outcome in TBI and coma patients. Full rating instructions are included in the app (pass over the image to see an example)

Easily calculate scores on Apple Watch!

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Available on iPhone and iPad

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