Medical Calc for Apple Watch

A great medical calculator on your wrist


Common medical scores and tools on your Apple Watch!

mockupMedical Calc for Apple Watch allows to calculate more than 70 scores directly on your Apple Watch. It can be a very useful tool for medical students, residents and physicians


The app is fully optimized for watch OS 3 capabilities, with a very user friendly interface using the digital crown to enter all the numerical parameters.



The best medical calculator available on Apple Watch


Medical Calc for Apple Watch brings highly used scores and tools on your wrist!
Calculating BMI, eGFR and many other parameters becomes very easy and fast.

The user interface has been fully optimized to include watch OS 3 capabilities, which allow a easier way to enter numerical parameters using the digital crown.

Optimized and friendly user interface

Quickly availableQuickly available

Quickly available

Quickly launch the app with the integrated complication on your watch
Smart SearchSmart Search

Smart Search

Just ask a question... The app will find the best tools to answer it!
Easy management of numerical parametersEasy management of numerical parameters

Easy management of numerical parameters

Thanks to watch OS 3 capabilities, numerical parameters can be easily entered using the digital crown. Shortcut buttons are also available for a faster access.
Navigate by specialityNavigate by speciality

Navigate by speciality

You can also browse tools by speciality and get a short description of the score's purpose.
Very simple formsVery simple forms

Very simple forms

Forms and questionnaires are easily filled with simple controls
Get clear resultsGet clear results

Get clear results

Get clear results including suggestions for management based on published recommandations when applicable.

BMI and body surface area section


The BMI / BSA section allows to calculate body mass index, body surface area (using Dubois formula), and ideal body weight.
An automatic interpretation of BMI is provided.
Weight and BSA can also be used to calculate medication doses.

A few simple steps...







Dose Calc

Dose Calc


Estimated glomerular filtration rate


eGFR can be calculated by the CKD-EPI, Cockroft or MDRD formula.

A few simple steps...

Blood creat

Blood creat








More screenshots


Here are a few more screenshots illustrating the app's interface.
Discover all the included tools in the "Full features" section.

Centor scoreCentor score

Centor score

This score is used to predict the risk of Strep pharyngitis and suggests management course
Corticosteroid equivalence calculatorCorticosteroid equivalence calculator

Corticosteroid equivalence calculator

This tool can be used to convert those between different corticosteroids
PE probability scorePE probability score

PE probability score

Use Well's score to calculate PE probability
OB WheelOB Wheel

OB Wheel

Calculate estimated Due Date by LMP & gestational age
Corrected QT correctionCorrected QT correction

Corrected QT correction

QT correction according to Hodges or Bazett method
Ottawa knee rulesOttawa knee rules

Ottawa knee rules

Get Ottawa rules to decide whether a patient should require imaging after a trauma

Full features


Find here a full list of included scores and tools.

General Practice

Body Mass Index
Body Surface Area (Dubois formula)
eGFR (CKD-EPI, MDRD & Cockroft)
Basal Energy Expenditure calculator
Centor Score
Corticosteroid equivalence calculator
SCORE for osteoporosis risk determination
CAGE questionnaire
HRAR (risk of relapse in alcoholic patients)
APGAR score
SIRS, sepsis and septic shock criteria
CKD risk in HIV+ patients
Fractional excretion of sodium and urea


ABCD2 score
Corrected QT
HEART Pathway
Wells Score (for DVT & PE probability)
PE severity index
Vancouver Chest Pain Rules
Mean arterial pressure calculator
ORBIT-AF score
DVT probability
Killip Class
TIMI Risk Score (STEMI and NSTEMI)


Na correction for glycemia, proteinemia, and triglycerides
Ca correction for proteinemia and albuminemia
Average glucose calculator
Free water deficit in hypernatremia


Alvarado (appendicitis)
Malinas (imminent parturition)
Blatchford (upper GI bleedings)
CURB-65 (community-acquired pneumonia)
MGAP (pre hospital triage score for trauma patients)
Wallace rule of nines
Parkland formula
NEXUS criteria (C-spine, chest)
Ottawa rules (knee and ankle)
Surgical APGAR


ECOG Performance Status
Lanky-Play Performance scale
Khorana Score
Manchester Score
MSKCC/Motzer score
UISS for localized RCC


du Bois Score
BODE index (COPD)
Peak Flow estimator

OB Wheel

Estimated Due Date by LMP
Gestational age calculation



Available on iPhone and iPad

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